What Salt is best for you?

Updated: Feb 16

This question gets asked a lot in a majority of Reef forums - What Salt Should I use?

Several factors come into play with it comes to which brand of salt to use, and each recommendation will vary.

Salt is one of the major elements when it comes to reef keeping and especially if you will be keeping Corals in your tank(s). There is a plethora of salt brands out there to choose from and choosing the best salt for you can come in many different forms. Are you going to keep a Ultra Low Nutrient System - Standard (DKH +/- 7-8, or are you going to keep your tank on the higher end of spectrum(DKH +/- 10-12)?

I mention Alkalinity (DKH) as it is one of the major building blocks when it comes to reefing if you will be keeping corals, especially Hard Stoney Corals (LPS/SPS). Each manufacture recommends to mix their Salt to 1.025 (Salinity at 35ppm) which is and optimal level for Reef tanks, while Fish only tanks can get away with 1.020. Also, each salt will want you to mix to a specific temp as well.

Look for a salt that will mix to or close to where you currently keep, or will be keeping your Alk at. A majority of brands have 2 different types of salt. If you keep you tank at the standard range, then you wont want to use a salt that will mix to 12 DKH, and vice-a-versa.