Changing Dosing Products

As the title suggests, I recently changed dosing products.

This all started because Seth is moving. (And will be setting up a bigger tank! YAY!) He brought me some corals to babysit until his tank was up and ready to go. As a thank you, he brought me some left over dosing chemicals from BRS. Which was really good, because I was nearly out of alk and my new bottle had not come in yet (thanks COVID).

Before this, my tank had finally seemed to hit the sweet spot. My acros are growing, their polyps are fluffy, everything looks happy and my calcium and alk consumption has been gradually increasing. Once I put Seth's corals in, it seemed to really take off. I keep increasing my alk dosage, but the alk level keeps dropping on the trident and confirmed with a hannah checker. I've been trouble shooting...

  1. Is there liquid in the bottle?

  2. Yes

  3. Is the dosing tube fully submerged?

  4. Yes

  5. Is the line clogged?

  6. No

  7. Is the doser actually moving liquid?

  8. Yes

  9. Is the bottle Seth gave me actually Alk?