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Hey ya'll. I am Brandi Kamp, Bleigh on R2R and BTheFountain on IG. I  grew up in south Georgia, moved to Atlanta for College, and landed in Charlotte, North Carolina a few years back.


When I was 12-18, I helped a family friend run their pet store. I was paid in animals and gear and ended up with well over two dozen tanks or cages of different animals over the years. While I was in college I minored in geophysics and did a lot of work with ocean chemistry. I even had the opportunity to intern at the Georgia Aquarium. While I always had some aquatic pet of some sort, I opposed getting into the salt water hobby because I knew it was so expensive. My son and husband insisted we at least try, so we converted our biocube to salt water in 2019 and to say I am fully in is an understatement.

Currently, I work at UNCC and teach science teachers. My research delves into multiple areas: child trauma in schools, effective classroom technology integration, school equity and policy, and the role online culture plays in informal science learning. 

I love seeing problems and doing something about it. I saw a need for a larger community of reefers in the Carolinas, so we're doing this! I hope to see friendships formed through our group and look forward to meeting you all through fun get aways in the future. 


I love being able to share my journey and can't wait to hear about all of your journeys. I hope I can encourage more people on their journey of discovery and pleasure through this group! 

The best way to learn is to dig in and do it, so let's get it!